Pictured are a handful of stones that we were lucky enough to find in a Mega Jug! All heat treated and faceted by Gem Mountain. The staff were so friendly, easy to work with, and quick to answer our questions. Really looking forward to setting these beauties in jewelry someday soon. Such a special experience!
- Megan Dunn

My wedding ring is made with sapphires my husband and I mined at Gem Mountain plus my grandma’s engagement ring. I love that my husband and I got to dig for the stones together – it adds so much sentimental value to the ring. I put the extra stones we found in locket style bracelets and gave them to my bridesmaids.
- Annie Roberts - Currie

We have been to Gem Mountain’s store too many times to count! It is always fun and exciting to buy a bag of gravel because you never know what you will find! In this photo we bought a party bag for our grand daughter’s 10th birthday and she had an absolute blast finding these crystals! Gem Mountain is fun for all ages!
- Darci Warren

I have been coming to Gem Mountain since I was 4 years old. I am now 48. 44 years of the most addicting fun and beautiful gems one can get. I have literally thousands of Carats of sapphires in numerous different colors. I always pick several different stones to have heat treated and cut in Sri Lanka on each visit, but sometimes there is that one or 2 special stones you find that require only the best in house treating and faceting. Thank you for all of the past wonderful seasons and hopefully many more to come.
- Neil Bohne

We were lucky to have friends introduce us to Gem Mountain several years ago. We visited anytime we were in the area, which hasn’t been often enough. The last time, we were lucky and sent in 15 sapphires for heat treating and faceting. Just got them back and are trying to decide what to create with them.
- Christopher and Diane Campbell

My precious! The only rockhounding trip that both my wife and I walked away with a smile. I might overdo it when I get to playing in the dirt. The setup and reward was such that even a non rock hounder still had a blast. We have four gems being heat treated and cut and can’t wait to see the results!
- Lucas Gilbert

My team surprised me with a box of dirt for the completion of a project I managed. I’ve processed half of the box and found 8 really nice sapphires so far! It is so fun going through the dirt & finding treasures. My husband set up our sluice box & we washed the dirt. It was a great activity for us to do together. I plan to have the sapphires heat treated & faceted so I can turn them into beautiful jewelry. It was the best present I’ve received in a long time.
- Ashley DeGraffenreid

The center stone was my first great find. I left another stone behind in August that will go in a necklace. I still have a bag of gravel in my garage to look for. Always optimistic that I will find a pink or yellow!!!
- Barb Erickson

Heat treated sapphires

Oh my not enough words to say’s how awesome fabulous fantastic mining is. It started several years ago when my husband ordered a bag for my birthday….. and now I love it so much we have driven hours to mine there in person twice. And I ordered bags a few times a year. The largest one we found so far was over 10 carats!!!! It was not able to be cut, but I’m always ready to find the next ones!
- Chandi Daniel

I have had the opportunity to visit the store and order dirt on line. The employees went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable considering I’m handicap, I truly appreciated it. These are some of the Sapphires I have found. I currently have 5 stones being heat treated and cut. I also sent in a Garnet and having it cut. My next adventure will be at the mine. See you again this summer.
- Ryan Ivie


Mine Location

21 Sapphire Gulch Lane
at mile marker 38.4 of Montana Highway 38, Skalkaho Pass Road, between Hamilton and Philipsburg.

Year-Round Phone: (406) 859-GEMS (4367)

Mine Phone: (406) 859-MINE (6463)