Mini Miners Bag


The Mini Miners Bag is natural sapphire gravel with added sapphire concentrate to guarantee you’ll find sapphires!

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Guaranteed to contain sapphires! A few pounds of natural sapphire gravel with added sapphire concentrate is the perfect way to find sapphires at home without the big mess of a natural gravel bucket. 

  • Approximately 3 pounds
  • Very dirty natural sapphire gravel 
  • Added sapphire concentrate
  • Approximately 20 carats of sapphires
  • Guaranteed to contain sapphires!

The Mini Miners Bag is a combination of natural sapphire gravel and sapphire concentrate. The natural sapphire gravel comes directly from our family sapphire mine. We mine the dirt, you find the sapphires. Sapphire concentrate is added to each Miners Pail to guarantee you will find sapphires! 

This product needs to be thoroughly washed in a container that is not connected to household plumbing. A bucket or large pan works great! We recommend using a colander or screen with small holes to wash your sapphire gravel. Washing instructions are included with your purchase.